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Coaches locked in!

Our 2023 preseason has begun, and we are in great hands! Matt Dunn remains on board as Men's Coach this year, and will be joined by Cameron Benkovic. The men are looking forward to establishing a 'Cats' brand of footy, both for the men's and women's team, ensuring both teams have the same core fundamentals and building from there. Benkovic is hoping to end the season one better than 2022, where the team fell short in the grand final.

Brian 'Scotty' Scott has jumped ships this year, taking the lead for the Women's team. He will be assisted by Megan Kropp, who has previously coached the women's side, as well as Dom White. The trio have already outlined a clear focus on skills, wanting all recruits to know the basics of AFL. The side is already looking good for this year, with the ladies having a great turn out to the first few training sessions of the year, with familiar and fresh faces coming on board for the 2023 season.

To join us for the 2023 season, get in touch via our website or Facebook page!

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