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iTravel Tourist Info - The Entrance Bateau Bay

The Entrance Bateau Bay is a district centre made up of two towns in the Central Coast region with a population of around 56,000 people.

The Entrance is the northern channel to Tuggerah Lakes and is around 170km from our fair town of Muswellbrook.

The town is well known as tourist hot spot and has an expanding tourism known for its beaches, lake and town centre. It has grown in population in recent area as a cheaper alternative to living in Sydney with many commuting down for work.

The entrance is also known as the Pelican Capital of Australia, although many belived that was just Cooky? Fishing is also good down at the Bay.

The club will return to TEBB’s major sponsor The Entrance Bowling Club for a few cold ones following a tough fought match.

Fun Fact: Bateau is French for "Boat" and the town used to be known as boat harbour.

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