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Round 10 Review

Round 10 vs Newcastle City


A brilliant start to the game by the Cats with scores level at 2.1-13 apiece at quarter time. The story after half time was rather 1 sided however with Newcastle kicking away, all be it slowly due to some solid team defence forcing them wide and taking difficult shots at goal. Newcastle ran away 77-14 winners.

Newcastle 10.17-77 def Muswellbrook 2.2-14


The game started in sunshine but come quarter time the rain was coming down hard. This made scoring tough for the usually silky Newcastle side and the Lady Cats were able to limit their scoring whilst stringing together some good plays. Newcastle were too good however running away 84-0 winners.

Newcastle 12.12-84 def Muswellbrook 0.0-0

This Review has been brought to you by the Muswellbrook Laundrette.

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