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Round 16 Review vs Maitland


After a promising start with 7 goals to 1 in the first quarter against Maitland, the game turned into a very scrappy contest after quarter time. Going down to Maitland missing some key personnel and have 3 go down during the game the Cats ground out an 85-24 win and finished the game with 15 on the field.

Muswellbrook 13.7-85 def Maitland 3.6-24

Goal Kickers: J. Galvin 5, A. Higham 3, J. Connor 2, C. Benkovic, J. Williams, S. Wilkins Best Players: C. Benkovic, J. Goldman, J. Adams, B. Fulcher, J. Mullane


A strong defensive effort was given by all the girls against a stong slick Maitland side. Emma Knowles was huge in the ruck contesting hard and everywhere on the ground. Maitland were to good for the Cats and ran out 122-0 winners.

Maitland 17.20-122 def Muswellbrook 0.0-0

Best Players: N. Heard, B. Mavin, E. Knowles, B. Flannery, P. Adam, J. Newton

This review has been brought to you by the Muswellbrook Laundrette

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