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Round 17 Review

Last weekend saw both the Women's and men's sides have good wins in trying conditions in the Pride Round weekend against The Entrance Bateau Bay.

The Women's side knocked up their first win of the year in a performance they dominated from the outset with 4 first quarter goals. It was a little slower going after quarter time, but the Cats ground out their first win of the year in a dominant performance.

Muswellbrook 7.13-55 def The Entrance Bateau Bay 0.0-0

Goal Kickers: J. Higham 2, A. Keating 2, J. Newton, S. Rodrigues, E. Adam Best Players: E. Knowles, J. Newton, N. Heard, E. Adam, A. Keating, P. Adam

The Men's side took on their arch rivals in an arm wrestle typical of their games over the previous years. Goals were hard to come by but the Cats won the key moments and ran out the game 9 point winners.

Muswellbrook 6.11-47 def The Entrance Bateau Bay 5.8-38

Goal Kickers: J. Adams 2, N. Connor, A. Higham, J. Gurtman, J. Connor Best Players: C. Benkovic, J. Solly, J. Goldman, N. Connor, J. Connor , J. Adams

This Review has been brought to you by the Muswellbrook Laundrette

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